Specialty UV Coatings for Special Effects Screen Printing

UV coatings are a specialty printing and finishing technique that make your product stand out, including retail packaging, POS/POP displays and signage, gift cards, credit cards, book covers, and greeting cards.

Consumers can not only SEE your printed piece, they can FEEL it, and when you engage multiple senses, they will REMEMBER it.

Specialty UV coatings are applied to paper or plastic wet and then is rapidly cured (dried) with ultraviolet light. These distinguishing techniques are often used to create a very high end, visually stimulating and professional effect. Although many of our special effects use UV curing technology or can be achieved with a UV base, UV coatings typically refer to the following special effects:

Specialty UV Coating Customization

Our award winning research and development team creates custom UV Coatings to achieve the unique look and feel that best compliments your branding or enhances your message. We have been able to simulate the texture of a wide variety of images such as mown grass, duct tape, golf balls, leather, sandy beaches and many more. We pride ourselves on creating textures that have never been done before. Challenge us and let's make your piece unforgettable!

Specialty UV Coating Benefits

  • Enhances the user experience of your product, reinforcing the premium quality of your product with a professional and creative look and/or appealing tactile feel
  • Helps your product stand out from competitors that do not invest in a premium look and feel of their products
  • Protects your material so that it lats longer, further reinforcing the perception of quality of your product
  • Rapid drying helps reduce production time, enabling faster shipping and time-to-cash
  • Resists smudges, fingerprints, scrapes, and dirt more than conventional inks
  • Can be flooded throughout the entire page or applied on a spot basis to accent a portion of your product

Specialty UV Coating Best Practices

  • Paper: coated stock (to prevent the coating from sinking into the sheet)
  • Plastic: under lamination for "debossed" effect and over lamination of at least 30 mil

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On any flat surface, including paper, plastic, pressure sensitive, acrylic, magnetic, chipboard, metal, glass, banners, film and more!


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