Glitter Printing

Glitter printing uses a dense specialty finish that adds pop, sparkle and elegance in any color to any printed piece, including gift cards, credit cards, packaging, retail POP displays, book covers, and greeting cards.

With the right skills, discipline and UV coating, glitter can be printed in tight registration. It will enhance your brand without overshadowing, and it and won't rub or flake off like traditional flocked glitter that gets everywhere. Without experience, printed glitter can appear gaudy and cheap, so choose your partner wisely.

Glitter Colors & Customization

We can customize anything and everything. We print glitter in almost any color to match your branding colors and/or specific Pantone® Matching System (PMS) color. We modify colors in house and mix our own glitter particles into the right base to achieve even the most challenging and critical results, varying color, density and impact. We can also add glitter in different shapes, from teddy bears to stars. The possibilities are truly infinite.

Glitter Screen Printing Colors

Spot or Flood Glitter

Glitter can be applied selectively on a spot coating basis with tight registrations on any size sheet, although our sweet spot is 11″ x 17″ sheets up to 28″ x 40″ sheets. Glitter flood coating is also popular for the craft market, holiday packaging, signage and displays. Particle sizes can vary from 50 to 200 microns and are mixed into a UV or conventional solvent based vehicle.

Glitter Printing Example

A high-end invitation supplier wanted to create spectacular envelope liners. This required flood sheets that wouldn't flake when cut down to size. They also wanted a solid glitter appearance, leaving no holes or show-through. Our research and development included identifying the right vehicle to achieve this – one that could hold a very high concentration of glitter particles – and custom mixing varying particles to give the appearance of solid coverage without losing sparkle. The custom solution included multiple metallics to accomplish shine, dimension and the ultimate wow factor. All of this helped the customer justify a selling price of almost $1 per envelope, a value added ROI for their spend.

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Glitter Printing Specifications


  • For automatic presses: minimum 70# text max 30 pt. board
  • No textiles or apparel
  • Flat surface

Art Work

  • Area to be screen printed should be 100% solid black (no screens or half tones)
  • In position for entire sheet with crop marks
  • We prefer PDF format

Minimum Order Quantity

  • 500 sheets for fully automatic
  • Otherwise $750

Sheet Size

  • Fully automatic: minimum size: 15″ x 22″; maximum size 28″ x 40″
  • Semi-Automatic: no minimum size; maximum size: 25″ x 38″
  • Please allow 3/4″ to 1″ for gripper
  • We also recommend glitter artwork stays 1/16” away from cut or score lines but can pre-qualify exceptions

UV Glitter Coating on Greeting Cards

Glitter UV Coating: Greeting Cards

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On any flat surface, including paper, plastic, pressure sensitive, acrylic, magnetic, chipboard, metal, glass, banners, film and more!


Consistent quality with established process, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence means repeatability and reliability.


State of the art techniques and technology, fueled by our cutting-edge research and development for creative, unique solutions.


Any quantity, small promotions or long runs, hand-work to fully automated, our process manages your project with the attention you expect.


According to YOUR schedule – with two full operating shifts enabling dependable quality and turnaround when your deadline is critical.


Innovation with new vendors, substrates, inks and coatings from around the globe to create a unique effect that stands out.

True interactivity... You touch it, it touches you. Print, the medium that invented interactivity, is vibrant and evolving.

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