Webinar: Giving Consumers a Reason to Engage

Posted Monday, June 01, 2020

Webinar: Giving Consumers a Reason to Engage | H&H Graphics

At H&H, we are experts at incorporating multisensory special effects into retail products, packaging, displays, and promotions for messaging that get noticed.

So, when we tell you this is no time for ordinary projects or copycat marketing that yawns out the same old messaging, we have to admit: we don’t think there’s ever a good time to be boring.

But you’d be hard-pressed to find a worse time to go ordinary. Here are a just a few reasons:

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Study: Print Buyers Place a Premium on Special Effects

Posted Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Study: Print Buyers Place a Premium on Special Effects | H&H Graphics

Adding a little something extra to a print project is a worthy investment.

That's the opinion of print buyers surveyed by market research firm InfoTrends about using special effects printing techniques for their projects.

The research showed buyers were willing to pay premiums ranging from 24% to 89% to give their projects a little extra pop.

Among the special effects identified in the survey were specialty inks like metallics, foils and fluorescents, spot coating finishes, textured effects, custom colors, and light-sensitive infrared and ultraviolet inks.

The effects were seen as most useful in projects like brochures, business cards, direct mail pieces, greeting cards, and invitations.

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The ROI of Special Effects Printing

Posted Thursday, March 02, 2017

The ROI of Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

The ROI of Special Effects Printing

We don't sell printing. We sell custom solutions that dramatically increase the return on investment (ROI) of your print spend.

How do you look at your print spend? Do you think of printing as an expense for packaging, retail POP displays, gaming promotions, or direct mail projects? If so, you could be missing a major opportunity to turn your printing projects into an investment that generates an impressive ROI for years to come.

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Special Effects Printing Research, Testimonial & Ideas

Posted Sunday, January 10, 2016

Special Effects Printing Research, Testimonial & Ideas | H&H Graphics

The Research Is In

At last, PROOF that value-added print produces cost-effective ROI

According to a recent PRIMIR research study on Value-Added Printing & Finishing, 93% of print providers reported that value-added enhancements contributed to increased profitability.

Among the leading cost-effective ROI producers: scented printing, and UV coatings and curable inks in general. Read more about the study here.

H&H prints all of the above and we are ready to add value and increase ROI on your next project!

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The Sweet Smell of Success

Posted Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Sweet Smell of Success | H&H Graphics

The human sense of smell is the strongest and most primal of all our senses. It is also closely connected to memory and emotion centers in the brain. As a result, certain scents evoke certain feelings, and when we associate a scent with something, it stays with us. "A major attribute of scent, and one of its strongest merits, is its literal power to affect human perception," says C. Russell Brumfield, author of "Whiff! The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age."

Because of these unique connections to smell, there is a very powerful and compelling business case for using scent in your marketing materials. Studies show that adding scent to printed materials increases consumer interest and recall, and can lead to increased sales.

Several case studies show overwhelming support for this. In the 4th quarter of 2005, shortly after Yankee Candle added scented pages to its catalogs, the company reported an 18% increase in catalog and internet revenues. Sure, candles are a product that is associated with scent, but the results have been duplicated by companies with totally unrelated products.

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