Consumer Engagement Trends in Cosmetics Packaging with Special Effects

Posted Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Consumer Engagement Trends in Cosmetics Packaging with Special Effects | H&H Graphics

Cosmetics Packaging & Special Effects Trends

Can your folding cartons, blister cards, gift boxes, and other cosmetics packaging reach out and touch someone? Can the consumer smell them? Do the visuals draw attention to your products? Does it capture the brand and product message in a way that engages your target demographic?

With so many cosmetics fighting for attention on a declining number of store shelves—thanks to Amazon, other e-tailers and warehouse clubs—it's critical for yours to stand out, and visual differentiation is not enough.

Special effects have been incredibly effective in engaging consumers in unique ways and maximizing ROI of your packaging spend but, with so many options, what makes the most sense for cosmetics? Here are a few special effects trends in cosmetics packaging for you to consider for your next packaging project.

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How to Make Your Packaging Irresistible

Posted Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to Make Your Packaging Irresistible | H&H Graphics

Textured & Reflective Printing: Making Packaging Irresistible | H&H

Special effects and finishes have long been used on printed material to express value. Whether it's retail packaging, displays, gift cards, book jackets, greeting cards, direct mail or otherwise.

Reflective and/or metallic special effects in particular, especially when combined with textured printing, are very effective at catching light in a way that draws a consumer’s eye and curiosity to your retail packaging.

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