Do We Have a Connection?

Posted Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Do We Have a Connection? | H&H Graphics

These days, we get many requests to "connect." Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, emails or other avenues, we are being asked to friend, link, network or allow contact with someone. However, many of these are not really "connections" in the true sense of the word. I know people who have over 1,000 Facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts, but they can't possibly keep up with that many posts and they don't associate with many of them on a regular basis. To truly connect, we have to have a bond or established communication, which requires two way traffic, mutual interest and attention.

The same is true when we are marketing or selling our products and services. To be successful, we have to create a connection. Most times, whether we are publishing an advertisement, a newsletter, a direct mail piece, a brochure, or even packaging, we are creating a one way communication. The thing is, with consumers inundated with these messages talking "at" them, they get irritated and overwhelmed. They don't want to connect with that message, so they hit the ignore button and go back to what they were doing. Essentially, they are saying no to your friend request. In a recent issue of Advertising Age, Bryan Kennedy, President and CEO of Epsilon, said, "the biggest challenge for marketers in 2011 is an old one, but one that's getting tougher to overcome: breaking through the clutter."

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