"Even Better If..." (Ice Cream)

Posted Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Even Better If..." (Ice Cream) | H&H Graphics

In last quarter's newsletter we launched the "Even Better If" segment because we constantly find ourselves thinking how we can improve, enhance or bring to life great design. Continue Reading >>

"Even Better If..." (Isola Boots)

Posted Tuesday, December 08, 2015

"Even Better If..." (Isola Boots) | H&H Graphics

Like you, we thumb through the mail and are INUNDATED daily with piece after piece of direct mail, countless magazines and stacks of catalogs, with messages from a multitude of companies seeking our (limited) attention, vying for our time, begging us to do... or better yet, BUY something.

At H&H, we constantly find ourselves thinking... what a clever ad; what a beautiful design; what witty copy... but it would be EVEN BETTER IF...

Perhaps it's the "creative" in us, but we just can't shake the desire to take something great and make it better... more valuable, more persuasive!

 Continue Reading >>

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