CEO Michelle Leissner Talks Marketing with Crain's

Posted Thursday, January 25, 2018

CEO Michelle Leissner Talks Marketing with Crain's | H&H Graphics

A growing number of manufacturers are discovering what H&H CEO Michelle Leissner recognized a long time ago: trying to grow a B2B business without a marketing strategy can leave you vulnerable to market forces that are outside of your control, like overseas competition that turns products and services into commodities that can only compete on price.  Continue Reading >>

Study: Print Buyers Place a Premium on Special Effects

Posted Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Study: Print Buyers Place a Premium on Special Effects | H&H Graphics

Adding a little something extra to a print project is a worthy investment.

That's the opinion of print buyers surveyed by market research firm InfoTrends about using special effects printing techniques for their projects.

The research showed buyers were willing to pay premiums ranging from 24% to 89% to give their projects a little extra pop.

Among the special effects identified in the survey were specialty inks like metallics, foils and fluorescents, spot coating finishes, textured effects, custom colors, and light-sensitive infrared and ultraviolet inks.

The effects were seen as most useful in projects like brochures, business cards, direct mail pieces, greeting cards, and invitations.

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Better Together: Collaboration Over Competition

Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Better Together: Collaboration Over Competition | H&H Graphics

Special Effects Screen Printing: Collaboration Over Competition

It's easy to write off the current corporate management trend promoting collaboration over competition as a move to appease Millennial employees. After all, 88% of younger employees have expressed a preference for working in a collaborative, rather than a competitive, environment.

However, according to Laura Montini in her Inc. Magazine article Why Collaboration Wins Over Competition, many firms have found this approach significantly boosts innovation, productivity and communication in the process.

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Special Effects Printing: To Outsource or Not...

Posted Friday, December 04, 2015

Special Effects Printing: To Outsource or Not... | H&H Graphics

That Remains the Question...

The question of whether or not commercial printers should outsource specialty print projects remains a topic of ongoing debate.

Adding Value to Print Projects

Printers are reluctant to introduce a third party to their customers, fearing that outsourcing may cause them to lose control of the client relationship or the process. However, recent studies and many successful campaigns provide proof that outsourcing projects to finishing experts – those who devote all of their time, skill, and experience to specialty finishing options like including glitter, gloss & matte, scented, scratch-off, glow-in-the dark, and textures – is smart business and delivers a superior outcome for customers.

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