Multisensory Effects for Unforgettable Business Cards

Posted Monday, March 09, 2020

Multisensory Effects for Unforgettable Business Cards | H&H Graphics

Have you ever seen a business card that reveals a hidden message when photographed? How about one that is textured and scented?

Special effects printing for business cards is an underutilized – yet highly effective – avenue of marketing. Branding company or individual business cards with unique characteristics can make a difference when it comes to networking and acquiring new customers.

Unlock your networking potential with scented, textured, and creative business cards that will leave a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of future business opportunities.

Stand Out in the Crowd with a Unique Effect (or Two)

After a long networking event, many people sort through their accumulated business cards to determine which ones to keep and which to toss. With H&H Graphic’s unique array of special effects, we'll help to land your card in the "keep" pile.

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Wine and Spirit Promotions with a Twist

Posted Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Wine and Spirit Promotions with a Twist  | H&H Graphics

Is it just our imagination or do the beer and wine aisles get bigger and more crowded by the minute?

How does anybody choose a bottle of cabernet anymore? Or a craft beer? A bottle of scotch? You could do your research of course. There are 10,000 varieties of wine grapes, while a popular beer website has 300,000 beers listed. Of course, even if you know exactly what you're looking for, you still have to find it. 

The truth is, most of us have a much easier "system." We look at the label. From beautiful artwork to provocative names, to labels that just stand out, catching our attention from their perch on a crowded shelf, there are few places where consumers are as likely to judge your product by your packaging as the beer, wine and spirits aisles.

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Getting Social with Special Effects Printing

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Getting Social with Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

Whether you use glitter, scent, texture or a form of hidden messaging reveal, special effects printing enhancements expand the reach and impact of your marketing budget.

Social media can have a similar impact. When you strike a chord with the right audience on a social media platform, your messaging can take on a life of its own. No one loves the unveiling of a cool new thing as much as the social media audience.

Combine special effects printing embellishments with a social media campaign and you've leveraged two powerful forces of consumer engagement.

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Customer Experiences That Close the Deal

Posted Friday, August 17, 2018

Customer Experiences That Close the Deal  | H&H Graphics

Consumer behavior has undergone a dramatic shift in the age of one-click shopping, forcing brick-and-mortar businesses to get creative in competing for consumer attention.

The result is an increasing focus on the customer experience, which savvy retailers can use to differentiate themselves from their digital competition –  capitalizing on social and interactive engagement that can't be reproduced online.

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Direct Mail Marketing Expert Discovers SnapShot from H&H

Posted Thursday, March 22, 2018

Direct Mail Marketing Expert Discovers SnapShot from H&H | H&H Graphics

Direct Mail Marketing Expert Discovers SnapShot from H&H

When the U.S. Postal Service challenged a direct mail marketing expert to uncover a new and exciting print finishing technology for direct mail campaigns, she found us, and the magic of SnapShot™ ink.

Trish Witkowski, the direct mail printing and folding pioneer behind the addictive "60-Second Super-Cool Fold of the Week" videos, showcased H&H SnapShot technology for her feature on new print techniques this week on WhatTheyThink, a print and publishing industry market intelligence website.

Witkowski gave our SnapShot technology a try and came away impressed. "It's exciting ... because it's not just interactive – it also makes the SnapShot ink effect a powerful solution for social media campaigns," she wrote.

SnapShot ink, activated by the flash on your mobile phone camera, reveals a hidden message that can be shared on social media for a sweepstakes promotion or a savings campaign. It's one of many multisensory special effects that we have developed for print campaigns so compelling your audience won't just take notice – they actively play along.

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