Study: Print Buyers Place a Premium on Special Effects

Posted Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Study: Print Buyers Place a Premium on Special Effects | H&H Graphics

Adding a little something extra to a print project is a worthy investment.

That's the opinion of print buyers surveyed by market research firm InfoTrends about using special effects printing techniques for their projects.

The research showed buyers were willing to pay premiums ranging from 24% to 89% to give their projects a little extra pop.

Among the special effects identified in the survey were specialty inks like metallics, foils and fluorescents, spot coating finishes, textured effects, custom colors, and light-sensitive infrared and ultraviolet inks.

The effects were seen as most useful in projects like brochures, business cards, direct mail pieces, greeting cards, and invitations.

Room for Growth

But while the study showed a growing number of marketers, graphic designers and print buyers "exploring the use of special effects to make their customer communications stand out," it found a significant number who were not fully aware of the possibilities for integrating special effects into print projects.

It's a market with wide potential as designers and print buyers come to recognize the enormous return on investment that comes from taking advantage of special effects printing techniques that dramatically boost customer engagement.

In a Crowded Marketplace, Ordinary Doesn't Cut It

At H&H, we are constantly working to be anything but ordinary. Our special effects print processes go way beyond fancy inks and custom colors. We create projects that connect on multiple sensory levels, provoking and holding customers’ attention with visual, textural, scented, and interactive elements.

We've created print projects with glow-in-the-dark ink, ink that appears only when wet, and ink that creates messages that have to be photographed to be seen. We've used light and heat sensitive inks to create campaigns that inspire more than just a second look – they create an experience.

When it comes to special effects screen printing technology, we are a state-of-the-art-and-then-some printing company. We want to do more than just make your projects look good. We want them to connect.

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