Scratch-Off Maps: We've Got the Whole World In Our Hands

Posted Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Scratch-Off Maps: We've Got the Whole World In Our Hands | H&H Graphics

There’s a whole world of special effects printing techniques out there, and at H&H we cover the landscape.

Our latest project has us going to the ends of the earth for our clients: scratch-off world maps, it seems, are the coolest new travel accessory since the neck pillow.

Travelers love them, scratching off a layer to commemorate their latest geographic conquest. There are as many themes to the “reveals” as there are places to visit. Some reveal hidden facts and images beneath the scratch-off layer, some simply expose a detailed and colorful map.

As popular as these maps are, they are not a project for just any printer. Like that discount bed and breakfast that looked okay in the pictures, a scratch-off printing project requires a little more due diligence than you may realize.

Scratch-Off Map Printing Expertise Keeps Borders Where They Belong

While other companies have struggled to perfect their process or find the correct ink consistency, H&H has the expertise required to make the ink coating just easy enough to scratch off with precision to keep those geographic boundaries intact. That sort of attention to detail has made H&H Graphics an in-demand specialty printer for scratch-off maps.

Scratch-off maps require multiple layers of ink and near-perfect registration; each layer has to match up precisely. It’s not easy to do and preserve the finely drawn details of a map, which is why you find scratch-off maps that are mass-produced with borders that don’t line up. Some of our clients went through numerous failed attempts before finding H&H Graphics.

Ordinary scratch-off inks and processes do not produce the high-quality effects and durability required for scratch-off maps, which are both keepsakes and artwork – meant to hang in someone's home, telling their travel story for years to come.

Our scratch-off printing technique is the product of decades of experience and a talented R&D team that is always working to perfect the next new effect. We’re never satisfied until the client says “wow.”

"From what I have seen so far, the maps are beautiful! Thanks again for all your hard work and attention to detail! We are so happy to be working with you guys! Thanks again - you guys are awesome!"
– Owner, Scratch-Off Map Company

Multisensory Special Effect Printing That Gets Your Project Noticed

Scratch-off printing is an effective promotional tool for a wide variety of print and promotional projects. Whether it’s a map or a direct-mail promotion, a package or display, H&H can customize your next project with special effect printing combinations that get your project noticed.

Customers can choose from custom colors, glitter and pearlescent coatings, scent, texture and other multisensory effects like inks that react to water, heat or light to reveal hidden messages or logos or even a “scratch-n-sniff” option.

To learn more about what multisensory special effect printing techniques, including scratch-off ink, can do for your next project, give us a call or click on the link below.

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