Prototypes: The Best Way to See Special Effects Screen Printing Applied

Posted Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prototypes: The Best Way to See Special Effects Screen Printing Applied | H&H Graphics

Press Proofs: The Best Way to See Special Effects Screen Printing Applied

Our clients know us for having an extensive inventory of, and access to, the best and most cutting edge inks and coatings from around the world. This allows us to CREATE custom special effects to achieve YOUR desired look (color), feel (texture) or smell (scents) – on just about any flat material or substrate known to man.

However, from these infinite possibilities, figuring out how various combinations can be applied to your project or your client's project and what will look and work best might be difficult. It can be challenging to grasp the impact and potential for increased ROI without seeing it applied.

The Solution: The Prototype

With your artwork, our R&D department can run a press proof. Then you can provide a prototype to show what one or more special effects will look like when applied to your artwork and substrate. There is no better way to get decision makers excited about special effects screen printing than to see it, feel it and smell it for themselves – just as your target audience will experience.

We've done prototypes for just about every type of project we've ever done: gift cards, credit cards, packaging, retail POS/POP displays, book covers, greeting cards and promotional materials.

Recent Prototype Examples

  • Wine Retail POP Display: Soft Touch coating with 70% coverage to allow decision makers to see and feel the effect
  • Gift Cards: created a new concept printed on wood with a matchstrike coating (flint) giving it a dual purpose consistent with the brand
  • Book Jacket: invisible ink/black lighting for a presentation booklet
  • Packaging: cherry and tropical scent scratch and sniff printed to experience the scent on paper
  • Glitter: applied over candle toppers to help them stand out at the point of purchase
  • Poster: custom PMS and opaque white on dark blue substrate to show color matching, opacity and clarity
  • Liquor Packaging: custom scent created to match Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey 

How Our Prototyping Process Works

It all starts with identifying your desired outcome. We work with you to determine the right combination of special effects, and we assess and recommend the most cost effective way to achieve your goals.

Whether it's a hand draw down, using your art and substrate or ours, or a full press test, our fees for these services are minimal and are intended to create a value proposition that makes sense. If you or your commercial printer partner run an additional finishing process, we encourage you to run our proof through that to get an accurate understanding of what the final product will look like. Once approved, we gear up for production in the volume you require.

Challenge us! We love achieving the impossible.

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