More Cosmetic Packaging Trends with Special Effects

Posted Monday, July 24, 2017

More Cosmetic Packaging Trends with Special Effects | H&H Graphics

More Cosmetic Packaging Trends with Special Effects

Though they have substantial appeal across many types of products, cosmetics packaging that uses thermochromic ink, glow-in-the-dark and our proprietary SnapShot effect all increase consumer engagement by adding fun and intrigue.

These are superb ways for you to stand out from the crowd and blow away your product sales goals. Here's how.

Thermochromic Printing

Thermochromic printing is a unique special effect in that it "reveals" something underneath when touched by hand or are otherwise heat-activated. There are two types of thermochromic ink:

  • Reversible Thermochromic Ink: returns to its original color as it cools and there are four types: color to invisible, color to color, invisible to color, and color to color to invisible (tri-thermochromic ink)
  • Irreversible Thermochromic Ink: changes color and remains that color forever, regardless of future temperature changes

Thermographic Printing Example

Thermographic Printing: Before Thermographic Printing: After
H&H Graphics Thermochromic Coated in Non-Activated Stage H&H Graphics Thermochromic Coated in Activated Stage

Glow-in-the-Dark Printing

What do some innovators with cosmetics, hair dye and even donuts have in common? Yep: using glow-in-the-dark to differentiate their products and to increase attention for their consumers.

Whether used for hidden messaging or unique holiday packaging, glow-in-the-dark printing will give your cosmetics packaging the extra appeal to attract attention and generate sales by creating an extra bit of fun and excitement – and not just for Halloween!

Glow-in-the-Dark Printing Award Winner for H&H Graphics

Identify the Rap Artist Game:

Glow in the Dark Printing: Light   Glow in the Dark Printing: Dark


Our newest screen printing innovation called SnapShot interacts with your mobile phone or tablet camera. When the consumer "snaps" a flash photo, the message or prize is revealed on their phone and is often redeemable only if shared on social media.

SnapShot Example

SnapShot Screen Printing

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