How Restaurants Attract Customers with Scratch-Off Promotions

Posted Saturday, March 04, 2017

How Restaurants Attract Customers with Scratch-Off Promotions | H&H Graphics

Scratch-Off Promotions for Restaurants | H&H Graphics

What is it about scratch-off cards that makes them so compelling as a marketing promotion? When handed one, we don't throw them away. What if we are the big winner?! At a minimum, we will engage long enough to instinctively reach for a coin, often more curious to see if we've "won" than we are about what the prize will be.

Here's how scratch-off marketing promotions can increase traffic for your restaurant.

A Pleasant Rush of Optimism

A recent study found that the low-risk nature of scratch-off card promotions—recipients only invest the time it takes to reveal the message—triggers a pleasant rush of optimism mixed with anticipation upon receipt. You may know the odds of winning something life-altering are low, but even if it's a free cup of coffee—you still walk away feeling good. That feeling is then associated with the retailer or restaurant that supplied the card. There is also a reason to visit, or return, to that establishment to claim the prize.

Boosting Traffic

Triggering this sense of optimism has much to do with why large restaurant chains like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts use scratch off cards to boost in-store foot traffic. The benefits, however, have nothing to do with a restaurant's size. It can result in similar pay-offs when smaller restaurants include such promotions in their marketing strategies, as well.

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Serving Up Promotions

Scratch-off cards are highly cost-effective. For what can be as little as pennies per card, you can provide an interactive experience that engages your target audience at several levels.

When you combine scratch-off cards with today’s special effects screen printing techniques, promotions can be designed to reflect the sophistication and look of your brand. You can also layer in other elements from glitter to textured printing and even scents.

For a restaurant that wants to introduce a new menu, for instance, scratch-and-sniff cards can be printed that offer more than just a free dessert. They can include the enticing aroma of fresh coffee or a chocolate lava cake to add another dimension to the interaction, and reinforce a positive association with your establishment.

Get Started Today

Let's talk if you want to use some form of marketing promotion, scratch-off cards or otherwise, to gain more customers for your restaurant. Once we understand your goals and target market, we can create a custom marketing promotion that utilizes the latest special effects printing techniques to increase your return on investment.

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