How Cool Is this Crap? H&H Expertise Puts the Reality in Reality TV

Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2020

How Cool Is this Crap? H&H Expertise Puts the Reality in Reality TV | H&H Graphics

With the help of H&H Graphics, the next episode of what can legitimately be described as the crappiest reality show on television gets a whole lot more real next week, and a little crappier at the same time.

That's the power of scent, baby.

And while we are proud to have helped so many of our toniest clients incorporate multisensory marketing to amp up the elegance of their international beauty brands and luxury wines, we are not ashamed to say that our latest project puts us on the map for crap.


We recently printed over 100,000 copies of a scratch and sniff map featuring, among other distinctively non-elegant aromas, the smell of moose poop. As aromatherapy goes, we're not recommending it. Our facility has smelled better days, to be honest.

The Smell of Success: Sweet Had Nothing to Do With It

But to have our work featured as part of the groundbreaking multisensory experiment in Watch and Sniff television that is the next episode of truTV's "Tirdy Works" on Tuesday May 26, is an honor that we will not soon forget. And not just because we can't get the smell out. If you haven't caught an episode yet, this is your chance to find out why everyone, suddenly, can't stop talking about the artist known as Mary, whose creative spirit has transformed the tiny town of Somerville, Maine into the global epicenter of the moose-poop pop arts movement.

Mary Winchenbach's poop artistry and salty personality are the heart of the show. And while her work speaks for itself, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to team up with Engine, the Agency, to help promote this special episode that incorporates the power of scent to bring Mary's world to life.  After all, the story of a woman who turns moose sh%$ into arts and crafts, is, at its essence, a story you can smell.

Audience members who signed up to receive our scratch and sniff map of Somerville will be able to follow along with the map and experience the scents we created for key locations.

And yes, while moose poop is clearly the star, there are also supporting smells that include beer, marijuana, a campfire and of course, the fresh-air scent of the great outdoors. (See the map below). It’s a panorama of scents from the library of stock and custom smells – 800 and counting! – we use to create an array of multisensory promotions, scratch-off projects and packaging for our clients that was pretty wide-ranging even before we added moose poop to the list.

It almost goes without saying at this point, but if you can dream it up, we can do it. Don't ask us how. It's a secret.

Just kidding! Give us a call or click on the link below to learn why our multisensory printing expertise is the sh*&.

How Cool Is This Crap

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