H&H Graphics: Did You Know?

Posted Monday, August 01, 2016

H&H Graphics: Did You Know? | H&H Graphics

H&H Graphics: Did You Know?

H&H Graphics is the leading special effects screen printer in the country.

How can we make this claim? Read on and let us know how we can help you be Anything but Ordinary...

Screen Printing vs. Other Presses

A lot companies can print with UV coatings and other special effects, but not screen printing. Digital and litho presses have specialty coating capabilities and can print on regular paper, maybe even thicker paper board, but they cannot print on anything out of the ordinary. H&H Graphics can print on a wide variety of paper thicknesses and substrates, including metal, wood and plastic.

Special Effects Print Quality

The quality of printing on digital and litho presses is not nearly as good as screen printing. Screen printing allows you to control the precise amount of ink you're putting down. Quality issues include inconsistent thickness, the special effect rubs off and reduce overall aesthetic appeal.

Pure Firepower

No one has the special effects screen printing firepower that we do. We have more cylinder presses than anyone else in the nation. This allows us to do much larger runs than anyone else – no one can run more sheets per hour than H&H Graphics.

Multiple Capabilities

We also have multiple special effects capabilities that includes UV, water based and solvents. UV coatings cure with ultraviolet light, while water and solvents cure with drying. Water based coatings are more environmentally friendly and certain special effects, like some instances of Soft Touch, are more effective using a solvent or water based than UV.

Innovation & Experience

Founded in 1978, we have 38 years of experience to know what will work and what won't. Our R&D department works on a full-time basis to create new samples and innovative new special effects like SnapShot and using thermochromic.

Though we have a large inventory of, and access to, the best and most cutting edge inks and coatings from around the world, we don't just use off-the-shelf inks and coatings – we CREATE our own inks and coatings in house to achieve YOUR desired look, feel, or smell with the highest quality and performance. CUSTOM colors, textures, scents... we've done over 600 in just the past few years.

Challenge us! We love exceeding expectations and achieving the impossible while others just take orders.

Value Add & Branding

All of the above is why our projects generate increase sales for our clients: special effects helps your retail packaging, POP displays, gift cards, book covers and jackets, posters, direct mail, and more stand out because it appeals to multiple senses – appealing visually is not enough to stand out. We offer so much more than printing, and it's Anything but Ordinary.

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