H&H CEO in Packaging Strategies: Increasing Consumer Engagement with Special Effects

Posted Friday, December 08, 2017

H&H CEO in Packaging Strategies: Increasing Consumer Engagement with Special Effects | H&H Graphics

Packaging that employs special effects printing techniques to create multisensory appeals yields a higher return on investment because of increased consumer engagement.

That is the focus of an article by H&H CEO Michelle Leissner in the November online edition of Packaging Strategies. The issue is devoted to environmentally friendly packaging and other household packaging trends.

Multi-Sensory Product Packaging

Leissner's article, Increasing Consumer Engagement with Special Effects Printing (below the home fragrance article), highlights some of the many options available for creating multi-sensory product packaging, from textures, to scents, to thermochromic and photochromic inks that can be used to create customer experiences with hidden messages and social media tie-ins.

The state-of-the-art screen printing techniques available create a wide array of options for making products stand out and provoking connections to moods and memories, but there are still very few brand managers taking advantage of the ROI such techniques deliver, Leissner says.

A New Tool for Brand Managers

"These days, brand managers need to use every possible tool to stand out and get consumers to notice and remember their product or service," Leissner says. "Most don’t realize there’s a very powerful option at their disposal, which will immediately engage the target audience and get results."

A recent InfoTrends survey found print buyers are willing to pay a premium to add special effects to their projects but concluded that there is still limited awareness of the wide variety of techniques available for promotions and packaging of every kind.

H&H Graphics is an award-winning provider of special effects screen printing using UV coatings and other specialty inks.

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