Receive an “Even Better If…” Audit of Your Brand Merchandising at Global Shop

Posted Thursday, March 15, 2018

Receive an “Even Better If…” Audit of Your Brand Merchandising at Global Shop | H&H Graphics

Global Shop Attendees Are Invited to Have an “Even Better If…” Audit of Your Recent Packaging, POP Display or Other Print Projects

Discover How Multi-Sensory, Special Effects Screen Printing Can Dramatically Increase Consumer Engagement for Your Next Project

H&H Graphics, the leading provider of special effects printing for retail packaging, POP/POS displays and promotions, is offering Global Shop attendees a complimentary review of recent print projects to determine which special effects will increase consumer engagement and ROI.

H&H's "Even Better If..." Special Effects Audit will introduce you to the unlimited possibilities of special effects like scents, textures, thermochromic, and other heat and light-activated inks, which are even more powerful when used together.

Research: Sensory Effects Increase Consumer Engagement

Research shows that sensory print techniques dramatically increase consumer engagement, increase product sales and maximize return on investment.

With virtually all products, displays and printed materials relying on visual differentiation alone, those that engage multiple senses – touch and smell in particular – are much more likely to stand out, engage consumers and increase sales.

Special effects printing adds "wow" to product packaging and displays, gift cards, mailers, flyers, folders, book covers, posters, and pretty much anything that can be printed.

We can print a football you can feel, a recipe card you can smell and a postcard with a hidden message that is only revealed when you photograph it with your phone – creating a social media sharing opportunity.

Create Something That Will Be Remembered

At H&H Graphics, we have decades of experience and a full-time R&D team devoted to keeping your campaign one step ahead. We love creating things that have never been done before. Challenge us and we'll take your ideas back to our award-winning R&D team to create a custom look, scent or color that will make your campaign stand out and your products sell-through. You'll end up looking pretty good too.

We have hundreds of colors, textures, scents and special effects and we're always in the process of thinking up more. What we don't have, we create in-house.

To take advantage of our "Even Better If..." Audit, visit us in Booth #1246. You can also learn more by contacting us here or calling us at (847) 383-6285.

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