'Even Better If...' (ProFlowers)

Posted Sunday, December 13, 2015

'Even Better If...' (ProFlowers) | H&H Graphics

Because we constantly find ourselves thinking how we can improve, enhance or bring to life great design, we selected the below ad for our "Even Better If" segment.

The ProFlowers ad below is enticing – a reminder of spring, especially as the frigid temps set in. The ad boasts bright colors and beautiful photography, yet we think it would be Even Better If... it appealed to multiple senses, not just the eyes. Surely one of the reasons we love to receive flowers is the aroma that fills the air in our homes or offices. Flowers vary in color, size, shape, texture and scent.

Appealing to consumer's multiple senses through marketing and advertising is not a new concept — yet some companies seem to forget.

For instance, our sense of smell is one of the smartest ways to drive customers to ACT. Scent is powerful. Scent draws us in. Scent transports us. For just a few additional pennies investment, this ProFlowers ad could have been a home-run marketing piece.

What would the impact have been if we added a floral scent to the piece, soft touch on the petals, a raised UV pattern to the leaves, and gloss to the vase. The result would have been increased ROI and increased customer engagement, leading customers to take action.

We would love the opportunity to share ideas with you for your next project.

Please send us a photo of something that you want our help with or that you think would be ideal for us to include in our "Even Better If" segment, please do so at information@handhgraphics.com.

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