"Even Better If..." (Bath & Body Works)

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Even Better If..." (Bath & Body Works) | H&H Graphics

Because we constantly find ourselves thinking how we can improve, enhance or bring to life great design, we selected the below ad for our EVEN BETTER IF segment.

The Bath & Body Works ad below is enticing – bright colors and beautiful photography, yet we think, it would be Even Better If... it appealed to multiple senses, not just the eyes.

What if we could smell candles?! Bath & Body Works is, after all, selling SCENTED products including hand lotions, soaps and candles. Their scents are an integral part of their brand, which is why we can all identify their fresh, clean scents as we pass one of their retail locations. Their scents draw us in.

For just a few additional pennies of investment, this could have been a home-run marketing piece. The result would have been increased ROI and customer engagement with their sweetly scented brand–leading customers to take action!

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