Not Your Grandma's Greeting Cards

Posted Friday, June 24, 2016

Not Your Grandma's Greeting Cards | H&H Graphics

Yes, Facebook reminds subscribers to wish friends a happy birthday, but a quick wall post doesn't convince anyone that you were anticipating the milestone days in advance.

Industry experts say that the dawn of social media hasn't impacted greeting card sales, especially to the female demographic responsible for purchasing 80% of the $7-8 billion in annual retail sales. Nobody wants to mistakenly send the same Mother's Day card as last year. Greeting card aisles need fresh content for Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Boss' Day, etc. Necktie Notes, i.e. musical ties that can be clipped on an illustrated dress shirt, dominated the shelves for Father's Day 2016.

While the greeting card industry is healthy, so is competition so it's never been more important to have your greeting cards stand out on the shelf. Using special effects screen printing with UV coatings and other specialty inks helps your greeting cards stand out for every holiday.

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How the Neuroscience of Touch Can Increase Sales

Posted Friday, June 10, 2016

How the Neuroscience of Touch Can Increase Sales | H&H Graphics

How the Neuroscience of Touch Can Increase Sales

The power of touch has moved beyond an Oprah buzzword. Hospitals are now beginning "cuddlier" programs in light of evidence on improved health outcomes for NICU babies who are massaged. In academia, studies on the sensory experience are announced with record frequency.

Increasingly, savvy brand owners and retailers are profiting from the discovery that one can't touch something without being touched. Haptics, the scientific relationship between touch and emotions and, by extension, purchasing decisions, is an ever-growing element of marketing platforms.

The Bottom Line: adding a pleasant element of touch to retail packaging, POP displays, gift cards, book jackets, marketing collateral, and just about anything else will help that item appeal in a much more meaningful, human way, which can lead directly to an increase in sales. This is often referred to as neuro-marketing or multisensory marketing.

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