Packaging for Impact: The Folding Carton

Posted Thursday, December 22, 2016

Packaging for Impact: The Folding Carton | H&H Graphics

Packaging & Folding Carton Special Effects Printing | H&H Graphics

When it comes to consumer products, retail packaging can define your product while speaking volumes about its use, quality and relevance. But to do so, it needs to draw attention to itself. With advances in UV coatings and special effects screen printing coatings, that is easier than ever before.

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The Sense in Developing a Brand Scent

Posted Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Sense in Developing a Brand Scent | H&H Graphics

The Sense in Devloping a Brand Scent

Logos, tone of voice, a color palette—these are all elements businesses spend time and much of their marketing budgets fine tuning. However, as important as these aspects are, research finds that the more senses a marketing strategy engages, the greater its potential for success. This is especially true with scents and fragrances when applied to advertising, promotions, packaging, and much more.

What Dunkin' Donuts Can Teach Us

In the article, The Science of Sensory Marketing, the Harvard Business Review explored how marketers and researchers have been exploring the influence aromas have on the decisions consumers make. Among the case studies cited is one involving Dunkin' Donuts. The company used an atomizer as part of a transit ad campaign in Japan. The ads ran inside municipal buses, and periodically emitted a whiff of fresh coffee into the air. Visits to Dunkin' outlets near the bus stops increased 16% while sales rose 29% during the campaign. The reason this worked: science.

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Activate Promotions with a Water Reveal

Posted Monday, December 12, 2016

Activate Promotions with a Water Reveal | H&H Graphics

Activate Promotions with a Water Reveal

Are you looking for a twist on your next promotion to get noticed and be Anything but Ordinary?

Like SnapShot, activate promotions, with a water reveal in this case, are getting a lot of attention because they require a more unique level of interaction than scratch-offs and pull-tabs, and are more memorable as a result.

How Are Water Activated Promotions Used?

Water activated promotions use a special ink applied with special effects screen printing and only reveal when exposed to water.

Traditionally, water activated promotions are often used for summer and beach-themed promotions and water-related industries, including pools, spas, water parks, plumbing, and gardening. However, activate promotions with a water reveal can be used for just about anything, from casinos to beverages.

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Be the Peacock

Posted Thursday, December 01, 2016

Be the Peacock | H&H Graphics

Packaging Special Effects Printing: Go Full Peacock | H&H Graphics

Want your product to stand out from the crowd? Then you can't afford to treat it as though it were a commodity.

This means retail packaging costs need to be assessed in ways that go beyond cost per unit. Instead, the metrics that you use should incorporate your return on investment (ROI), response rates and, most importantly, your conversion rates—how often a person picking up your product ends up purchasing it.

This is where special effects screen printing can help you go "full peacock."

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