Staying Relevant

Posted Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Staying Relevant | H&H Graphics

Without a doubt, print has taken its share of the lumps in the communications upheaval brought about by the rise of the Internet and, most recently, by our collective infatuation with everything mobile. But like most people and industries that have faced a challenge, print has been made stronger by what it's endured, and is looking better positioned than some of the other media to profit from change still to come.

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Paper Versus Screen

Posted Sunday, June 08, 2014

Paper Versus Screen | H&H Graphics

Paper Vs. Screens – Who Wins?

A recent study reveals the fact that PAPER trumps screens when it comes to understanding and (wait for it) REMEMBERING what we have actually read. When you pay for advertising and marketing — you want your customers to both understand and remember your message – and ultimately to take action. So there you have it, print makes sense — and adding special effects to your print makes REAL CENT$! Let us show you how!

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