A Toast to the Coaster: Put Your Message Under Glass and Watch as the ROI Spills Over

Posted Tuesday, April 07, 2020

A Toast to the Coaster: Put Your Message Under Glass and Watch as the ROI Spills Over | H&H Graphics

With their small size and practical roots, drink coasters might seem an unlikely canvas for art and advertising, but in fact, they're proving to be a creative marketer's dream.

Who would guess that they were invented in Germany in the 1880s to protect beer from flying insects? Back then, only the well-to-do could afford the porcelain tankard mugs with lids known as beer steins.  Working people needed to protect their beer from bugs and the inexpensive coaster, or bierdekel, was created, according to Conde Nast Traveler.

Eventually, the coasters were placed under the beer mugs to protect tables and absorb liquid that spilled over the top of the glass.

Practical and inexpensive, the coaster was a blank canvas for advertisers whose message could be viewed numerous times over the course of a leisurely meal or a round of cocktails as a glass was raised again and again. It wasn’t long before companies saw a chance to imprint personalized messages and promotions on them.

Do They Really Get Noticed?

We've seen research showing that 2 out of 3 people remember the coaster's message long after the glasses are cleared away. But it isn't hard to understand why this is such a memorable form of marketing. A drink means lifting your glass over and over, up to nine or 10 times for a single drink. How many other ways can you think of to put your message in front of an audience a dozen times or more? And that's before we take it up a notch with special effects printing.

Raise Your Game and Your Glass with Special Effects

Coasters are a perfect backdrop for messages that use multisensory special effects, including textures, scents and magic "reveals."

Small and affordable, they're used in settings where a clever campaign can take advantage of things like hydrochromic ink which reveals a hidden message or image when it gets wet, or glow-in-the-dark printing, or thermochromic printing which reacts to change in temperature. Even better, a coaster conveys its multisensory messaging in a leisurely setting conducive to conversation and social media sharing.

Here are just a few of the ways that H&H Graphics' special effects printing can get your audience to raise a glass to your campaign:

  • Thermochromic printing: When cold or hot drinks are placed on these coasters, they reveal hidden messages or images.
  • Glitter: Add light-catching sparkle with our proprietary glitter formulation that has all the feel of traditional glitter but doesn't flake or rub off.
  • Added Scent: We have over 100 stock scents to choose from, but can also create custom scents.
  • Metallic and Pearlescent Effects: Add a little glamour to cocktail hour with printing that rises to the occasion.
  • SnapShot Effect: Print a design or message that appears on a customer's cell phone after it is flash photographed. It's a perfect tie-in to a social media campaign.

So cheers to your next campaign! We can help you coast your way to the ROI that multisensory special effects produce.  Use your imagination or consult with our R&D department to dream up something one-of-a-kind. At H&H, the only thing we can't do is ordinary.

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